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Bird Flu: 9470 birds, 783 crates of eggs destroyed in Bono Region

From two farms in the Bono Region, 9470 birds, 783 boxes of eggs, and 10 bags of poultry feed infested with Avian influenza, colloquially known as “Bird Flu,” were eliminated.

According to the Bono Regional Health Directorate of Agriculture, the organization is doing additional testing on poultry to rule out any new cases of Bird Flu. Dr. Donald Joachim Darko, Bono Regional Director of the Veterinary Service, stated in an exclusive interview on Nimdee FM’s morning show ‘Anopa Nimdee Adwasuo’ that a team of officers has been deployed to various farms across the region to check for possible new cases and also sensitize farmers in order to curb the spread of the virus.

“A total of 9470 birds have been destroyed so far from two farms in the last few days in the Sunyani municipality. The first farm that had the outbreak was with 7,200 birds. The second farm had 2,270 birds, and we buried 10 bags of feed that were prepared at 40 kg each, and then 783 crates of eggs were also buried alongside the dead birds.”

“We have got another farm that we are suspecting new cases three days ago, and sample has been taken and sent to Accra for verification. That farm is having 1323 birds, our men including security personnel have been sent there to monitor birds and eggs are not sent to other places”, he noted

Dr. Darko stated that because the virus can infect humans, security personnel have been dispatched to vantage points where there are suspected instances to ensure that birds, eggs, and feed are not transferred to different locations.


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