Calls for Newmont to fix deplorable roads deepen, as traditional leaders raise concerns

By Emma Akomea

Ahafo, Jan.29, – Failure on the side of Newmont Mining Company to fix the deplorable roads of Ahafo Kenyasi in the Asutifi North District of the Ahafo Region for over 14 years has led to the traditional leaders and residents baring teeth at them for acting inhumane.

This, has caused the traditional leaders to caution the company to take Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by fixing the bad roads to prevent the youth from taking a decision that would affect the operations of the company.

According to the residents, government has failed to come to their aid with the knowledge that putting the road in good shape,forms part of the Corporate Social Responsibility of the Company towards Kenyasi and its surrounding communities.

Ankobeahene of Kenyasi No. 1 indicated that before the operations of Newmont Mining Company will commence, the road was in an improved state, lamenting that the activities of the company through the use of heavy duty machines has led to the current state of the road.

Nana registering his displeasure disclosed that with the help of the government, Newmont has been able to construct a 40-kilometer road at Akim in the Eastern Region recently while their 12-km highway has been abandoned despite engagements with the Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, Samuel Abu Jinapor to revamp the road.

“Their machines put the road in deplorable shape and it’s been 14 years now, they have not decided to repair the stretch. We don’t understand why they are failing to perform their responsibility as a company towards residents. Petitions have been made to them by the Chief himself and they have done nothing about it. The youth keep accusing us of being behind the deplorable state of the road yet we have no clue,” he said.

Nana further reacting to the issue indicated that the decision taken was unfair on their side stating that “we are not fools to be taken for granted. We keep speaking to the youth not to take any bad action yet their decision to construct Akim road is an insult to us. Why can’t they do ours?  We have done whatever we can and have realised that it is intentional.

“Government is not willing and we thought the presence of Newmont will salvage us. If the youth go against Newmont, they shouldn’t come to us because Abu Jinapor has already spoken to them yet they are refusing to take action.”

On the side of employment, the youth led by Yussif Yakubu Chibsah hinted that the company offers no assistance to the youth of Ahafo Kenyasi, stating that no inhabitant of Kenyasihas been employed which has led to serious unemployment in the town.

However, their major concern was the fact that the poor state of their road has affected business in the community due to dust. They warned that if the mining company does not restore their former road, they will take radical actions which could be blocking of roads.

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