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CSIR-FORIG finds citronella oil extract potency to fight fungus

Citronella oil/extract has been found to be particularly effective in fighting the fungus that causes black pods disease in cocoa by the Ghana Forestry Research Institute of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR-FORIG).
Several lab tests have been conducted, and the institute is presently determining the concentrations that would be most effective in controlling the cocoa black pod fungus.
According to Professor Daniel A. Ofori, Director of the CSIR-FORIG, the institute will seek authorisation from the Ghana Cocoa Board (COCOBOD) before moving to the fields to test the technology on cocoa.
He was speaking to the Ghanaian Times during the institute’s annual planning program.
Tropical Agriculture (IITA) previously discussed the transition from cocoa to cashew production.

He explained that the CSIR-FORIG was working on developing botanical pesticides or plant-based pesticides that were not synthetic but favorable to the environment, adding that “it is wonderful news because citronella showed potent during the testing.”

He added the Institute trained 1,003 persons in livelihood technology, 678 in farming technology, 241 in beekeeping, and 76 in mushroom cultivation.

Dr. Richard Asare, the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture’s (IITA) Country Representative, previously discussed the transition from cocoa to cashew farming.

He believed that the transition zone was becoming increasingly drier, to the point where some forest crops, such as cocoa, would be unable to thrive there.

Cashew is a savanna crop, thus its ecology can tolerate the harsh conditions unlike cocoa, according to Dr. Asare.
“There is the need to transform from certain productions that involve cocoa to production that involve cashew that can withstand the hard conditions that are emerging in those areas”, he emphasised.


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