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Tanzania calls for establishment of tree seedlings nurseries to enhance greening drive

Tanzanian Vice President Philip Mpango on Monday launched a national tree planting program and urged relevant authorities to establish tree seedlings nurseries across the east African nation to enhance the campaign.

“Tree planting should be taken seriously across the country as mitigation against climate change that is causing dire consequences,” said Mpango when he launched the program in the capital of Dodoma.

He specifically directed the Tanzania Forest Service Agency (TFS) to oversee the establishment of tree seedlings nurseries across the country.

“The tree seedlings should be distributed to members of the public and institutions, including schools, free of charge to encourage them to plant the trees,” he said.

Mpango added that climate change was derailing government efforts aimed at improving socioeconomic sectors.

The national tree planting program is being overseen by the President’s Office responsible for Regional Administration and Local Government to plant one million trees across the country.

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