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GAYO partners Break Free From Plastic Movement for Youth summit

By Samuel Nyigmabo

Green African Youth Organization (GAYO) has partnered with Break Free From Plastic Movement for a three-day youth summit that seeks to bring onboard youth organizations and youth leaders to discuss revolutionary and intersectional issues on plastic in the fight against Climate Change and Plastic pollution.

The summit which commenced yesterday through zoom brought about 100 youth leaders across the world to discuss issues about climate change and the youths’ contribution to the fight against the menace.

In a panel discussion led by Caryl Pillora, Plastic Campaigner at GAIA, and Delphine Alvares, European Coordinator, BFFP on the links of plastic to climate change, the panel stated 50% of the world’s carbon emissions come from extractive industries and that recycling is not the solution to plastic pollution as plastic has a linear rather than cyclical journey.

Other links from the discussion were that plastic waste in water, the decline in biodiversity, increasing heat waves, and the rise in the separation of plastic with wealth. The panel also noted that the processing, production, and management of plastics include toxicity that does not only harm the environment but ourselves, corporate institutions need to take up the responsibility and change their ways, and education must lead the way to sensitize people on proper plastic waste management.

The panel also discussed issues relating to environmental injustice and how youth can rise against it.

“Environmental injustice has been an issue in the world we live in today, wherein developed countries have considered the underdeveloped countries as a wasteland for the consequences of their moves for further development and industrialization,” a panelist said.

The panel called for the young people to strive for their future so they do not continue to be polluted and healthier in an easy way starting with every individual and government to impose sanctions and penalties on plastic producers and distributed.

Betty Osei Bonsu, Project Coordinator of Green African Youth Organization and BFFP ambassador speaking at the summit called for more to involve themselves in the fight against climate change by campaigning against plastic pollution.

The Summit is scheduled to continue today and end on Sunday, April 10, 2022.

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