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Gov’t schedules June 10 for ‘Green Ghana Day’ celebration

By Samuel Nyigmabo

The government of Ghana has scheduled June 10 to celebrate the second edition of ‘Green Ghana Day’. This was pronounced at the Launch of the 2022 Green Ghana Day at the Accra International Conference Center on March 1. The Green Ghana initiative under the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources was first commissioned in 2021 to encourage the planting of trees across the country.

At the launch of the 2022 Green Ghana Day, the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo reiterated his promise during the launch of the maiden edition that the initiative was not going to be a one-day program. He said he is delighted to renew his promise as the nation takes this decisive step to restore its forest cover in an effort to combat climate change.

“I indicated that it will not be a one-off event. I also indicated that it will form part of an aggressive afforestation program to secure our forest cover and contribute to global efforts to combat climate change” the President said

Announcing the official date of the 2022 Green Ghana Day at the Accra International Conference Center, the president said after careful considerations and expert advice from the Forestry Commission and the Green Ghana committee, June 10th has been set as the day for the planting of the targeted 20 million trees.

The President also acknowledged that the forest is one of the nation’s important natural resources as it generates income for many Ghanaians and revenue for the country.

“Our forests indeed continue to be one of the most important natural resources required for socio-economic development, they provide sources of livelihood for many and generate substantial returns from their export evidence in the receipt of ¢1 billion last year”, he added.

Speaking at the launch, the Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, Samuel Abu Jinapor said that most of the over 7 million trees planted last year are all in good shape, and efforts are been taken to ensure the trees do not die.

“Thankfully, Mr. President, most of the trees are doing very well and we will ensure that all of them reach their maturity”, he hinted.

The minister also stated that this year’s program will witness the planting of trees on degraded forest land, watersheds, boundaries, office compounds, and sites within communities

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