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Greater Accra – Thousands of NSS personnel participate in operation ‘clean your frontage’

Accra, Feb.1, -Thousands of National Service Personnel honored the call of the Greater Accra regional minister, Henry Quartey to support the maiden edition of ‘clean your frontage’, a proposed project to keep the capital city clean. The personnel became the representatives of the various municipal assemblies in the Greater Accra region.

Speaking to ghanaenvironment.com, Paapa Gideon, Corporate affairs manager of the National Service Scheme, Korley Klottey Municipal Assembly, said he was extremely surprised to see a massive turnout of the l personnel at the Independence square to support operation clean your frontage. He said at least 60% of about 3,000 national service personnel from Korley Klottey municipal assembly showed up today.
“I was surprised to see such a large number of people today, I’m extremely happy they responded to our call. We sent them SMS to come and support the country to do this important project and they didn’t disappoint us.
“This has been successful and I believe it will cause the change we are all looking for. We went out there to educate Ghanaians on sanitation and they were very receptive”

The personnel’s core mandate was to educate the citizens on clean your frontage agenda the ways they could ensure good sanitation in Greater Accra.

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