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“There must be reclamation of lands in mining areas”- Jinapor

By Sedinam Holornu

Accra, Jan. 25 – In the mining areas of the southern part of Ghana, almost every community has mass land where mining has taken place but no reclamation has been done. These abandoned pits end up becoming death traps which cannot be used for even farming activities.
According to the minister of lands and natural resources, Mr. Abu Jinapor, this is as a result of illegal and small scale mining activities in those areas. He said the ministry has began an initiative to restore various lands. Mr Jinapor said that, small scale mining has lost its structure over the years and needs urgent restructuring.
The small scale mining was supposed to be community based and undertaken by only Ghanaians but over the years, foreigners in collaboration with some Ghanaians are recklessly using heavy equipment to engage in small scale mining.
Mr Jinapor said that, it is about time we came to terms with the realities of the situation in order to formulate a strategy or policy to be able to deal with the situation.
The honorable minister believes that Ghana has not lost the fight against illegal or small scale mining as people claim.
“This is not a fight we can win over night but we have to take effective and necessary measures with a sense of integrity to win it” – Mr. Abu Jinapor
A Consultant of the minerals commission for the reclamation project, Mr. Jojo Darko has  described the procedures put in place to help reclaim those lands that have been destroyed by illegal mining.
According to Mr. Darko, chiefs have been involved in educating the residents of these communities about their initiatives to salvage the situation. There will be planting of trees in February prior to the raining season ahead.
Sedinam Holornu

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