Kukurantumi farmers appeal to MoFA to stop indiscriminate sale of lands

Dozens of Cocoa Farmers and other peasant farmers in Kukurantumi, Abuakwa North Municipality, Eastern Region, are appealing to Cocobod and the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA) to intervene and halt the indiscriminate sale of Cocoa plantations to estate developers.

The angry residents and farmers allege that several hectares of Cocoa farms and other plantations are being forcibly taken away from them by traditional leaders in the area.

They threaten to take the law into their own hands if the government and the appropriate authorities fail to intervene.

Hundreds of Kukurantumi residents protested, accusing traditional leaders of indiscriminately selling their farmlands.

After the demonstration, the farmers said the encroachment stopped, but shockingly, new developers began invading their farmlands.

This has caused confrontations between the landowners and buyers, but the affected farmers are determined to resist any attempts to forcefully take their lands.

These poor farmers gathered at the palace of the Dwumana clan to air their grievances.

Opanyin Kojo Owusu Ansah, who addressed the media on behalf of the affected farmers, called on MoFA and Cocobod to intervene and protect cocoa production.

Nana Afoakwa Kyerewaa I of the Dwumana Clan expressed concern that this issue is severely affecting the government’s planting for food and jobs policy.



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