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LaDMA commends GAYO’s door-to-door sensitization program

Mr. Nii Marley Adjei, Corporate Relations officer for La Dade Kotopon Municipal assembly has showered praises on a door-to-door Sensitization program organized by Green Africa Youth Organization to educate communities on effective waste management.

A two-day exercise dubbed, ‘Zero-waste for all communities’ is aimed to sensitize people on waste management and partner with relevant institutions to deliver waste management advocacy among other things. The campaign will sensitize the whole community on waste segregation, waste management, and health benefits

Speaking to on day one of the program, Mr. Nii Marley Adjei intimated that GAYO must be commended for taking up the responsibility to curb waste management problems in the Country. He said his outfit is extremely thrilled about the initiative and is ready to support them.

“This is a very laudable exercise, LaDMA and GAYO have established an MoU where GAYO will help LaDMA produce zero-waste within our municipality. LaDMA cherishes this relationship very well. We find this exercise very laudable. The plastic waste menace has worried this municipality for a long while. We are disturbed about it.

“So if we have an organization that is ready to partner with us to do a door-to-door sensitization program, to engage and educate the people to appreciate waste segregation, we must be happy. This is the right way to keep our environment clean.

“We urge our citizens to be responsible and corporate fully with GAYO to help us have a very clean environment”. said, Mr. Adjei.

The exercise is targeted at reaching out to about 500 households within three communities to impart environmental values and proper waste management practices within the community to prevent littering and improper disposal of waste.


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