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LaDMA summons some individuals and businesses

These individuals were summoned when the LA Dadekotopon Municipal Assembly (LaDMA) launched a trial exercise of the “Operation Clean your Frontage” campaign in Accra.

The effort, which was supported by the Greater Accra Regional Coordinating Council (RCC), was headed by Mr. Solomon Kotey-Nikoi, Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of LaDMA, Zoomlion officials, and some Municipal Environmental Health Officers.

When the crew toured the Municipality’s regions, including the La market and the La lorry station, it was discovered that practically all gutters were clogged with refuse, with a lot of litter thrown throughout.

Again, parked cars were seen on unauthorized sides of the road. Zoomlion employees arrived with their garbage collection trucks, which were seen cleaning the heaped refuse from the streets and gutters.

Most households and business owners reported that there were not enough rubbish containers available to keep their trash, which is why it was seen on the streets.

Others claimed that rains transported some of the trash from various locations to their gutters after they had cleaned them on a daily basis.

Speaking to the media, Mr. Kotey-Nikoi stated that maintaining the environment clean was everyone’s job, not only the Municipal’s.

“We are doing this together to improve the health conditions of individuals and the environment so we entreat all to partake in the exercise”.

He said the pilot exercise was to caution and educate people on the campaign and urge them that it was mandatory for all individuals to ensure their environment was clean.

“As we have educated them and I am hopeful they would prepare themselves ahead of the sanctions which would begin on 1st February.”



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