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Let’s transform plastic material into pavement blocks – Recycler

Mr. Sualla Ishaq, CEO of Smart Plastics and Recycle Limited, has asked the government to invest in the recycling of plastic waste for the production of building and paving blocks.

Mr Ishaq told the Ghana News Agency in Ashaiman that upscaling plastic blocks into huge commercial production would assist the government deal with the plastic scourge and clean up the environment.

He stated that when such projects are planned and implemented, the plastic that has been discarded indiscriminately, posing health risks to the public, has the potential to offer jobs for the youth and revenue to the country.

In accordance with that, he stated that his company is looking at potential in the industry and is now remoulding all forms of plastic trash into various goods such as building materials and plastic blocks.

Mr Emmanuel Owusu, the Company’s Director, stated that the plastic materials acquired from collectors are moulded into paving blocks of various sizes that can be used for road construction and housing construction.

Mr Owusu stated that putting plastic trash into pavement blocks might be utilised at water lock places due to its high-water resistance, and that when used for housing, it does not decay quickly and gives a comfortable temperature in both hot and cold seasons.

He said that plastic garbage might be converted into useful things like plastic bowls and jerseys.

He stated that because of the capital demanding nature of plastic recycling, particularly into building and pavement blocks, a private public collaboration was required to begin large-scale commercial manufacturing.


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