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Nestle to replace coagulated milk products from the market

Nestle, the producer of Ideal and Carnation Evaporated Milk, has decided to replace all coagulated milk batches currently on the market.
Following the Food and Drugs Authority’s examination of public concerns, the corporation has responded to consumer complaints about milk products.
Nestle issued a statement expressing remorse for the turn of events and requesting that consumers who purchased the batches of milk that have been withdrawn from the market make them available for replacement.

“Anyone who has an IDEAL Milk product or CARNATION Tea Creamer from one of these batches can drop them off at any one of the Nestlé offices across the country and obtain a replacement”, Nestle advised.

Alternatively, customers can contact Nestle for information on other ways to exchange a product from these batches.

“Consumers who will return their products to any FDA office nationwide will be contacted by Nestié for replacement”, the statement further added.

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