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Open defecation is a major challenge for Kpone community

By Peter Rock

The Kpone township is a fishing community in the Kpone Katamanso Municipal Assembly along the coast of the Greater Accra Region, where 40% of the residents are mainly into fishing. The community has 3 public toilet facilities constructed for use along the seashore, but the residents resort to open defecation.

Speaking to ghanaenvironment.com the Assemblyman for Laloi electoral area in Kpone William Attah Tetteh popularly known as Sir WAT mentioned that the;

“Because some of the locals are unaware of the consequences of open defecation, the practice persists.” He added that they expected the Municipal Assembly to organize public education on the practice but nothing has been done”.

William Attah Tetteh said the residents have been practicing open defecation since the 1890s and the practice has continued even after the establishment of the public toilet facilities.

Some residents intimated that the cost to use the toilet facilities is expensive for them.  Mrs. Dede Gladys said they are asked to pay 50gh pesewas before they are allowed to ease themselves hence they resort to the open defecation, which costs nothing. Mr. Jacob Taye said he enjoyed the sea breeze when defeating therefore he prefers open defecation to public toilet facilities.

The Assemblyman has therefore called for stringent punitive measures to deal with natives who are caught defecating in a public place.

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