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Operation “Clean your Frontage” kicks off on February 1 – Henry Quartey

By Samuel Nyigmabo

Accra. Jan.26, – Greater Accra regional minister, Henry Quartey has said his outfit together with the Regional Coordinating Council is set to roll out the “Operation Clean your Frontage” policy within the Greater Accra metropolis.

Speaking at a stakeholders engagement meeting with market women, transport operators, and the Ghana Union of Traders Association (GUTA) the minister noted that all is set and the Regional Coordinating Council will go ahead with the program coming February 1, 2022.

All assemblies are required to construct a waste transfer station as part of the policy. Also, the assemblies are supposed to train city officers to ensure successful policy implementation.

Henry Quartey stated that all these measures may not be ready by February 1, 2022, but the policy will still go ahead unhindered.

Akufo-Addo to launch 'Operation Clean Your Frontage' in Accra today

“We are very much ready; that is why we are starting on February 1, that is why we are going to pour more men and women on the streets, and that is why we are going to urge people to continue to observe cleanliness in their frontage and their immediate environments.”

“We’re starting the process of implementation, which includes persons that we have sent to training to pass out to come out now to assist in ensuring that there is strict adherence and compliance,” he said.

Speaking at the program on behalf of the market women, President of Greater Accra Markets Association, Mercy Naa Afrowa Needjan called on the assemblies to prioritize education.

“We want the education to go down that it is something that is going to stay so they should all make up their minds that they are going to join the train. So we’ll try as much as possible to educate the people,” she said.

“Operation Clean your Frontage” is a policy initiative designed by the Greater Accra Metropolitan Assembly and the Regional Ministry to ensure all residents within the region tidy up their surroundings to curb the longstanding sanitation problems of the region.

As part of the policy, all residents will be required at all times to keep their environment clean.


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