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Over 20 Deaths resulting from Illegal Mining in Ashanti Region- NADMO

National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) has stated that more than twenty people have died in some areas in the Ashanti Region either by drowning or trapped in mining pits between 2019 and 2021 .

The incidents according to officials of NADMO, some of the deaths are as a result of illegal miners who left most pits uncovered after mining in these areas.

Speaking on Citinews, the Ashanti Regional Administrator of NADMO, Nana Atakora Kodua, called on the government’s attention to the area urgently. He also asked the government to expedite processes in reclaiming all lands that have been tampered with by illegal miners and have them filled to avoid other possible tragedies in the region.

“The situation is growing from bad to worse. We have people coming from other regions to engage in galamsey in the Ashanti Region, majority being the youth. There is illegal mining going on in 16 districts in the Ashanti Region.”
“NADMO was not part of the taskforce at the very beginning. This illegal mining operators left their pits uncovered after operations, and they have become traps for innocent people, especially children. When the rains set in, it collects water, and it becomes full, as children as they are, they will call their friends to come for a swim, and they end up drowning in them.”
“Between 2019 and 2021, NADMO could count 20 lives that have been lost due to illegal mining. Some got drowned, others died as a result of the pit collapsing on them.”

Speaking on a possible solution to ending this illegal mining act, Nana Atakora Kodua said the youth are demanding alternative jobs, else they cannot stop as it is their only means of survival.

Ghana has been battling to deal with activities of illegal mining for years. Meanwhile, the current government from 2017 till date have instituted some special task force such as Operation Vanguard and ‘Operation Halt II’ to check and fight illegal mining in the country. Nonetheless, the situation seems far from over in the country.

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