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Residents of Dzita-Anyanui and Agbledomi call for government support after Tidal waves

By Sedinam Horlonu

By Sedinam Holornu

The residents of Dzita –Anyanui, Agbledomi in the Volta Region who were affected by tidal waves have called on the government to come to their rescue.
According to the residents, the tidal waves which occurred three months ago have brought hardship to them since transportation has become major challenge in the area.

The challenge confronting the people in the area is a water obstruction created by sand bar deposited at the river, which makes the flow of water into the sea impossible and boats are unable to transport people and products to the Anyanui market.

The excess water in the lower Volta Lake in the Dzita –Anyanui area, in particular, has turned extremely salty which has been killing fishes and crabs in the river, making fishing in the area very difficult.

Even though the residents including the chiefs have embarked on communal labor to create a natural canal to help divert the excess water into the sea but the situation has remained unchanged.
Reacting to the situation, Togbi Azameti III of Dzita and Zikpitor Kafui Vitashie said if they had received more assistance from charitable NGOs and individuals, the dredging could have been completed by now.
They were quick to note that some people had provided them with food, water, and fuel. However, they still require further assistance in order to continue their work.


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