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#SaveTheEfuaSutherlandPark; NGO’s team up to organize clean up exercise; calls on government to pay attention to green pastures.

By Olivia Dadzie

A coalition of non- governmental Organizations (Mbofra foundation in collaboration with Destination Africa and a collation from the company for Green Accra with support from Let’s Do It Ghana) on Saturday 19th of March 2022 organized a clean up campaign aimed to clean and reclaim the Afua Sutherland Children’s Park from waste and weeds.

Representatives of the Coalition

The main goal of the Organizations is to have a clean, a green and weeds free Ghana, hence the reason for the partnership of the three{3} organizations to have the Abusua Cleanup Exercise at the Afua Sutherland Children’s Park.

Speaking to, the country leader of Let’s Do It Ghana Organization, Mrs. Kate Opoku, said there is the need to keep the country’s recreational sites clean and attractive always especially the green pastures for the future. She added that there is a need for the government to pay attention to such areas since its part of people’s memories, and a place to relax and release stress as we are in hard times.

“ this is a very important site that brings a lot of memories for many people and we cant overlook it to be swallowed by weeds. As an organization, we believe that if we have these sites clean, it will help many of us in relaxations and other things. It will also help people breath in healthy and fresh air when the environment, especially when the green pastures are kept well.”.

Mrs Mrs. Kate Opoku also took the opportunity to advice all who use the site to endeavor to keep the site clean after and avoid dumping waste produces to the land site indiscriminately.
According to her, during the cleanup exercise a lot of plastics (sachet and bottle water plastics, biscuits rubbers, food packs, etc.) were found all over the place, which shows that, majority of the people who visit there litter indiscriminately. Hence advised all Ghanaians to be very particular about cleaning and keeping our environment green.

“We collected a lot of plastics during the cleanup exercise which tells us that when people visit this place they litter indiscriminately which is bad. So I’m appealing to Ghanaian, when you come to use the place, please don’t leave it dirty, leave it clean because when you came it was clean. If you keep it clean, the person comes, he also keeps it clean and the environment will be clean, but if you leave it in a mess for the next user to come and use it in that state, that’s bad, so please lets change our attitudes”.
“This park is very good for us because children come to play, as they play they learn, their exercising and that keeps them in good health. If the place is also green, just imagine in such an environment, you breathe in fresh air which is good for our health”. She said.

The Lets Do It Ghana is an organization that promotes good sanitation in the communities by mobilizing the youth to clean up the environment especially the beach sides and other recreational sites. Their flashing program is the World Cleanup Day which happen annually in September.

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