SESA Recycling Limited Urges Ghanaians to Take Up Waste Segregation Habits

SESA Recycling Limited, a recycling partner organization of the just ended GAYO-LADMA Sensitization Program, has urged the public to adopt the practice of sorting garbage produced at various residences in order to save money on waste disposal while also earning money from plastic waste.

In an interview with on Friday March 11, 2022,  Miss Susan Quansah in charge of communication at SESA stated that it is essential for all, to make the effort of segregate the waste they produce since it improves waste recycling and management in general.

She added, that apart from enhancing waste management, segregation of waste especially plastics, would also help lower the cost of money spent on disposing of non plastic waste since the collectors charge based on the quantity of waste generated by household. She went on to say that, in addition to saving money, waste segregation may also assist generate income for individuals who practice it when they contact SESA.

“Many of us do not know why segregation is important in the country. when we segregate our wastes, we are able to reduce the quantum of non-plastic waste materials we generate and thereby pay less when the waste collectors come for them. This is because, we know that the collectors always look at the quantity of waste generated by the household to charge. Hence if we remove the plastic ones like water bottles or empty sachet water and the likes, we automatically reduce the amount of money we pay.”

“Aside reducing the amount we pay, when SESA is called to come for the plastic waste materials, we at SESA end up giving some monies as incentives to the people as well as exchange for the waste they segregated”.

SESA in local language means “to pick” or “change” is a recycling company in Accra that deals in collection of plastic waste materials such as bottles, pure water sachet, papers and beverage cans among others from individuals and organizations for processing and add value to them.
Contact SESA ON :0540304865/0544544777

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