Global Warming and Climate Change

We Must all be Worried About Climate Change Effect Now- YCC Ghana

Youth Climate Council Ghana (YCC), has called on all persons in Ghana to pay attention to climate change effects and play active role in support of the fight against impact of climate change nationally and globally.

Speaking to, during a climate change workshop in Accra, the Communication and Outreach Officer of YCC, Mr. Emmanuel Ameyaw said, the fight against climate change impact is a holistic one that requires everyone to actively participate in.

MR Emmanuel Ameyaw: Communication and Outreach Officer of YCC

He argues that climate change impact affects every aspect of human existence such as economically politically, health, social among others; therefore, all must then work together to mitigate it effect on livelihood.

” every single person must be interested, both children and adult, what I am saying is that Ghanaians must take keen interest in climate change and collaborate, help to address the issue”.

Mr Ameyaw further called on bodies such as the Religious Institutions, Educational Institutions, Traditional Institutions as well as corporate organisations to also play their respective role to at least get their members informed and educated on climate matters since it forms part of one of the cardinal strategy to tackle the issue.

“I will also call on religious organisations such as churches, mosques to try organise programmes for their members on the issue of climate change and invite experts to speak to their respective members.

Our traditional leaders as well during their various festivals can organise something, educational institutions, at all levels can hold climate week and discuss climate change issues as well as corporate environment”.

“What we are saying is that all these groups can be affected if climate change issues are not handled properly now. So our message is simple, let us all join forces, play our parts and then hold government accountable when it comes to what they are doing such as investments in climate action and others” He Added.

The workshop was held at MJ Grand Hotel in Accra, by the Youth for Climate Council Ghana (YCC)and other youth activists (Africa Youth Initiative on Climate Change (AYICCGH), Green Africa Youth Organisation (GAYO), United Youth Initiative for Africa, Strategic Youth Network for Development (SYND) and Youth Bridge Foundation) and stakeholders to reflect on the outcomes of United Nations Climate Change Conference, more commonly referred to as COP26 held in Glasgow in 2021 and roadmap for COP 27 to be held in Egypt later this year.

Participants of the Post COP 26 Summit during the Workshop by YCC Ghana and Partners

The workshop which was one of the series of workshops by the group to prepare the youth towards COP 27 in November 2022.  Also, the workshop provided avenue for the youth to discuss the opportunities Climate Change presents to the Ghanaian youth as well as track government’s effort to tackling climate issues in the country.

The YCC Ghana is a youth led activist group set up to assist young people in the country in terms of capacity building, and providing resource to enhance their work on the grassroot level. The group also collaborate with young climate activists and youth led NGOs who are focused primarily on environment and climate change

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  1. Climate change has been a problem for many countries especially the developed countries, despite these odds, Ghana and many African countries are even doing worse of act that can even lead to pandemics and disasters that we’re not ready for, now how is the youth contributing to prevent these actions, I suggest there should be an initiatives or policies that will force every household in the country to understand the dangers of climate change .

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